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I will be taking some time off to recover from my upcoming surgery. It is a very high risk combined surgery.  I have co morbidity. Two proececures done togther.

It requires two surgeons. One gyno surgeon and a plastic surgeon. I will be having all the excess loose skin from weightloss removed. The I had been on a medicine for over ten years that had caused my weight gain. I became very close to five hundred pounds. After the drug left my system I had rapid weightloss, thus the loose skin. I never did go on a diet . I just began to bellydance and increased my physical activity. Starting eight years ago it came off of me. I didn't go on a diet. I have lost now cose to three hundred pounds. Went from my biggest dress size of 32 to a size 14-16. I do not do these surgeries for cosmetic reasons. My pannis-belly and other loose skin have hung ff my lower spine now for quite some time. Causing debilitating range of movement. Compressing my spine and hurting my back and shoulders etc.... The other surgery I need to have is a compleat hysterectomy.My pelvic diseas endometrioses had grown out of control since first diagnosed with it in 1993. It has adhered to everything in my abdomen.  Plus I have two ovaries the size of coconuts and bigger than my uteris. I have been in great pain.

So Friday morning I to go into a very long and complicated combined surgery. The procedure just for my skin removal could take up to ten hours. The gyno surgery will be at least two. I will under for over ten hour. This wil be longest I will have EVER been under anasthesia and and under for a procedure. When I wake up I wil not have the same body.

I am very nervous but living the way I have with all the chronic debilitating pain, is unacceptable. IF and when I return from recovery I will continue my shutter bugger as well as be doing more modeling. It will be a long recovery, but in the long run I will feel better and be able to return to all my favourite athletic activities as well as persuing a trade.

So I will see you all when I get back. If I don't return then keep rockin on with your own art and don't forget me.


P.S.  To Miss Honeymodel-Thank you For all the inspiration after all these years.


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United States
Born In AK. A Muse. A Jill of many Trades. Complicated. I live in Images. I Am A Multi-Faceted Gem.

I live in my camera. I have been a shutterbug since I was around fifteen years old. I do a LOT of Self Portraits. I see something , an Idea and if I can I will take a snapshot. I am not a professional with professional training. I like capturing a moment. A Time or feelings of emotion captured forever in time in a an image. I love writing. I love expressing myself in way though that words often cannot.

I am a very expressive person. The whole gamut of emotions. I am also a very sexually expressive person. I am a Fetishist and Kinkster. So many of my works have sexual themes and undertones. Not always though. They say that Bi-polar is the artist's "disease". I use art as copng mechanism at times. Sometimes those are when my best moments are caught.

I a real girl with imperfect and awesome qualities. On good days I'm great. On Bad ones My "imperfectness" can show in my life.I Identify as an Adult LIttle GIrl. Which means to me, that I have needs as a person to regress for lost years in my formative years growing up. Life is too short to not be what an individual is. The difference being is that with ME. I am a group of individuals. I have been living with D.I.D. all my life and am grateful for the diversity of looking through other's eyes from within in my inner family.

I have so many Ideas and so many things to share in my art about the world of MY life.

My biggest hope is to continue to keep expressing myself with my Art that encompasses the world around me the way I see it or experience it. If it inspires another. The my mission is accomplished.:D

I feel that artistic expression is healthy and inspiring. I like to inspire and pump up other artists that have bemused me. My biggest hope for my own art is that if it reaches it peopl it makes them feel something or make them think.

This is why I identify with being a Muse. I have inspired many and many here have inspired me.

I'm a complex womane-childe with simple joys. I

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